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School Clubs

There are many clubs and activities offered by members of Killisick staff both during the lunchtime period and after school. 


Please see the time table below for details of clubs running this term. For more detail about an activity, please speak to the member of staff running the club.

After School Clubs & Activities
Day Club/Activity Year Groups Leader(s) Time
Monday Arts & Crafts Club Year 3 Mrs Widdowson & Mr Riley 2.40-3.45 pm
  Cross Stitch Club Year 5 Miss Smith, Mrs Madden & Mrs Robinson 3.00-3.45 pm
  Sports Club Year 6 Mr Benton 3.10-4.00 pm
Tuesday Sports Club Year 3 Mr Benton 2.40-3.45 pm
  Debate Club Year 4 Miss Booth & Miss Lincoln 2.50-3.45 pm
  Gardening Club Year 6 Mr Drapkin, Mrs Sansom & Mrs Dickson 3.10-4.00 pm
Wednesday Sports Club Year 4 Mr Benton 2.50-3.45 pm
Thursday Sports Club Year 5 Mr Benton 3.00-3.45 pm


Also, there is a Judo club, which takes place on a Friday morning before school.  If you would like your child to join this club, please contact the school office for information.