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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision

At Killisick Junior School our vision is to “Believe to achieve and succeed.” This is embodied through our carefully constructed knowledge-based curriculum which is designed to use every opportunity to prepare our children to be compassionate citizens of our world, building their cultural capital. It reflects the Flying High Partnership’s intent of promoting well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their journey.


We define curriculum as the totality of a child’s experience at Killisick Junior School including not only what, but also how, each child learns. Our broad and balanced curriculum has been developed to inspire our children through enquiry, addressing the identified barriers to learning, to deliver the skills, cultural knowledge and understanding to achieve every day of their lives.


Our curriculum encompasses our values of respect, aspiration, confidence, creativity, enjoyment, perseverance, pride, responsibility, and promotes our aim to believe to achieve and succeed.


In addition, we offer a wide range of experiences to all children which empowers them, raises their self-esteem, and develops their wellbeing and cultural capital. This will enable them to follow areas of interest and ultimately be happy and aspirational adults: giving them the knowledge, skills, and disposition to thrive in the global environment of the 21st century leaving their individual legacies.

Our Curriculum Principles

As a staff we have developed our curriculum vision which is based on the context and needs of our local community. Our curriculum is rich and varied and provides our children with high quality education and experiences that support the development of the whole child, through an interwoven emphasis on wellbeing and social-emotional learning. Our curriculum principles are the foundation on which everything is built and ensure our children leave us ready for the next stage of their academic journey and beyond.


We know our children need to: 

  • Learn and remember the most important knowledge of the world (Metacognition)
  • Be aspirational about their future and know that anything is possible (Aspiration)
  • Become global citizens (Global)
  • Be given opportunities to develop their cultural capital (Immersive)
  • Know how to keep themselves happy and healthy to maximise their life (Contentment)
  • Develop vocabulary to be able to express themselves and demonstrate polish (Language-rich)



National Curriculum Subject Disciplines

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