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Applying for a school place

Admissions to the school are processed by the Local Authority as part of the Nottinghamshire Coordinated Admissions Scheme. Applications should be made online but can also be made by phoning 0300 500 80 80 or by completing and mailing an application form (PDF).

Please use the link below to apply for a school place.  The School Admissions Hub also gives plenty of information you may need when considering making your application ie catchment etc:

School admissions hub | Nottinghamshire County Council


 Admissions for 2024/2025 (Infant to Junior)

For Infant to Junior admissions in September 2024/25:

  • The application round opens on 6th November 2023 and closes on 15th January 2024. 
  • The offer date for the September 2024 intake is 16th April 2024 (National Offer Day).


In-Year Admissions for 2023/24

  • If you would like to make an in-year admission to move or change schools, please contact the Local Authority at any point in the year on the link above.


Admissions Arrangements and Oversubscription Criteria

Our Published Admissions Number (PAN) per year group is 60 (school capacity 240).

Please see our Admissions Arrangements Policy 2025-2026 below.

School Admissions Code 2021



If your child has been refused a place and you would like to appeal against the decision, please see below for further information on making an appeal.


In-year Admissions Only 2023/24

  • If your appeal relates to an in-year admission you should submit your appeal within 28 days of being told that your application was unsuccessful. 


2024/25 Infant to Junior Application Round

  • If your appeal is for a child transferring from infant to junior school in September 2024 and you are told of the decision on 16th April 2024 (National Offer Day), you should submit your appeal by 15th May 2024. 


How to appeal

  • Your appeal, once submitted, will be forwarded to an Independent Clerk and a date will be agreed for the hearing to take place within the mandatory guidelines. Your appeal should be sent to using the form below.  You will receive an acknowledgement that the appeal has been received together with contact details for the appeals clerk who will manage your appeal and keep you informed of progress, date and outcomes.  Appeals will be held in line with the DfE’s School Admission Appeals Code (October 2022).


Appeals Timetable 2024/25

National offer day – 16th April.  Appeals to be made within 28 days and all appeals will be heard within 40 days during June and July.

Appeal Form – see document below.

School Appeal Code 2022

Welcome to Killisick Junior School!


We are delighted to be able to share with you our vision and values to help you get a true flavour of our school. We are confident that you will find us a welcoming school – one where your child will flourish and realise their potential, whatever that potential might be. We value getting to know all our children. This means we have a better idea of what motivates them and what success should look like for them.


We are committed to providing our children with the very best opportunities and experiences, and we are proud of the relationships that we have with our children, parents and the community. In partnership, we want to provide an outstanding education for the children at Killisick to ensure they are well equipped to be confident individuals, lifelong learners and good citizens.


At Killisick we believe that all pupils have the ability to achieve wonderful things. Our aim is to ensure that our children are happy and enjoy their time at school. This is achieved by providing an environment where children feel safe to explore the new challenges and learning opportunities they encounter. 


All our staff are passionate about making children happy, developing their confidence and inspiring them to be successful. This passion ensures that Killisick is a vibrant and creative place to be. We aim to help develop creative children who are inspired learners, are considerate citizens, are independent thinkers, have curious and enquiring minds and are caring friends.  


We care about every child in our school. Through our strong commitment to pastoral care we strive to ensure that we provide outstanding support for all of our pupils and families.  Killisick prides itself on supporting all children, regardless of their background or additional circumstances. We believe that a child’s potential should not be limited or pre-determined.

A Message from Ms Smith      


I am very proud to be Acting Head Teacher of this fantastic school and feel extremely lucky to work alongside a dedicated and committed team of staff, governors and such amazing children and their families.


We are dedicated to providing an outstanding education for our pupils in partnership with Flying High Trust.


‘’The children feel happy and safe, and are engaged in school.’’ Safeguarding audit November 2018



At Killisick Junior School we endeavour to create a happy, safe and stimulating environment where everyone knows that they are all valued. We have high standards in achievement and behaviour underpinned by the values of our school. We provide an educational and social experience to meet the learning and emotional needs of all our pupils within the framework of a caring, supportive and structured environment. Pupils are helped to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control through opportunities to progress to their highest level of personal and academic achievement.


Our children experience a creative curriculum that encourages curiosity and independent learning. We enrich our curriculum with educational visits and visitors, and offer a wide variety of clubs and activities. At Killisick we want to develop every child’s abilities in the Arts, sports and academics to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our School also offers:


  • Forest School – We have a fantastic Forest School facility, which the children love!  All children have the opportunity to access Forest School during the school year and get involved in the many activities. We love discovering and learning about nature, get very excited when birds nest in our camera bird box and we see new born chicks and are fascinated by how quickly caterpillars grow!


Mrs Dockery and Mrs Robinson are continually developing our programme of outdoor learning.  The children were involved in the plan for developing the Forest School area, which is used for lots of outdoor learning all year round.



  • Lunchtime and After School Clubs – We are proud that we can offer a great variety of groups and clubs that take place either at lunchtime or afterschool. We really do think that we have something to interest every child!


A wide variety of sports clubs take place run by our Sports Coach, Mr Benton, including dodgeball, athletics, football and tag rugby.  In addition to these many of the teachers run other clubs that the children can join, which include cross stitch & embroidery, arts & craft, debate and gardening clubs.  To find out more, click here:


  • Breakfast Club – We are delighted to offer a Breakfast Club from 7.45am, where children can enjoy a healthy breakfast then a supervised activity at a cost of just £2.50 per session.  As from Monday 19th February, you will need to book a place for your child via Schoolmoney


  • Music Tuition – At Killisick we are pleased to be able to offer tuition in a number of instruments.  Weekly tuition in piano and guitar is offered from visiting teachers and one of our teaching assistants runs a recorder club.  We also ensure there are opportunities for the children to showcase their musical talents at our termly Music Festivals!


Flying High Partnership


The Flying High Trust is a partnership of schools across Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City and Derbyshire. Schools work together to ensure we are relentless in ensuring our children receive the best possible opportunities and experiences. This is achieved through a true collaboration where all decisions centre on children and schools are empowered to adopt best practice, adapt it within the context of each school and fly!


A Message from Chris Wheatley - CEO

We aim for our schools to be the best in the universe! 


By the end of their primary education we aim for all of our children to be ready for secondary school and be inspired to be the best they can be through our seven values. The values are fundamental to everything the Trust represents; they run through all elements of school improvement and are understood and owned by all members of the school community. Schools with their own clear USP linked to their values blend together the Trust values with those held so dear within each individual school. 


As a Trust Partnership our expectation is that all schools: 

  • Demonstrate a restlessness to continually improve, to never stand still, with the ultimate aim of providing the best opportunities and experiences for our children. 
  • Strive to ensure every child fulfils their potential regardless of potential barriers to learning. 
  • Commit to become an outstanding, self-improving school and to support the profession and 

       development of all schools within the partnership. 

  • Commit to a school-led system. 
  • Commit to the values, principles, policies and procedures of the Trust. 
  • To ultimately strive to be the best school in the Universe. 


In our schools you will see we work together to: 

  • Ensure schools feel connected to the Trust whilst maintaining their unique qualities, character and relationship with their community. 
  • Ensure high quality teaching and learning. 
  • Engage with our families and wider communities to raise aspiration for all. 
  • Develop the whole child and create inquisitive learners. 
  • Enable all children to be confident, building on strengths and improving in areas of need. 
  • Enable children to understand the part they play in the world in the future - as a positive citizen and a driver of business and enterprise. 
  • Support the development of all staff to be the best they can be and to realise their career potential. 


What you need to know when applying for a place

  • Before you apply for your child’s school place at Killisick Junior School for September 2023, please make sure that your child is the right age – meaning they were born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 inclusive.
  • If you apply online or using a paper form, you will be asked to pick four schools in order of preference.
  • One of these schools should be your catchment school, although it does not have to be your top choice.
  • Applications for infant to junior transfer applications in England open on 7th November 2022.
  • The closing date for primary school applications in England is 15th January 2023. 
  • You will then find out whether your child has a place with us on 17th April 2023.
  • You can find out more and apply online here
  • We have always accepted pupils from outside of our catchment area. We are proud of our tradition of warmly welcoming all pupils.  All children are part of our family once they walk through our gates for the first time. If you live outside our catchment area and have any questions at all about how applying for a place with us might work, then do get in touch with the office.

In-Year Applications

Nottinghamshire County Council manage the admission process for childing wishing to transfer to Killisick Junior School during a school year.  Please click the link below for further information.

Admission Appeals and Coronavirus (Covid-19) update 15/04/2021

Due to the restrictions brought in because of Covid-19 Nottinghamshire County Council are unable to arrange hearings in person. The government brought in regulations in April 2020 to allow appeals to be heard remotely by virtual telephone hearings. The normal timescales for hearing appeals were also suspended. These regulations have recently been extended until the 30th September 2021. If, before this date and in line with the implementation of the government’s plan to ease the restrictions, they ease enough to allow face to face hearings to resume details will be posted to this web-site and we will let those affected know.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.


Your appeal, once submitted will be forwarded to the Independent Clerk, who is currently planning again for the commencement of the appeal hearings. He will be in touch with you as soon as possible once a date has been agreed for the hearing to take place. We do fully recognise the frustration this may cause but these are unprecedented times and trust you fully understand this. Each appeal should continue to be sent to and you will receive acknowledgment that the appeal has been received, update on the situation and contact details for the appeals clerk who will manage your appeal and keep you informed of progress, date and outcomes.


Assuring you of our best attention at all times.