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Killisick Junior School pupil who landed a role in a musical production shares experience with school pals

A pupil at Killisick Junior School in Arnold who landed a role in the Nottingham Arts Theatre production of The Sound of Music has been telling her fellow pupils and drama class about her experience. Year 5 pupil, Atia Morrell (age nine), said she loved the experience of performing.


“I heard about the opportunity through my dance school, and I went for the audition and then got a call back! I was very excited and shocked when they called to say I had the role of Marta Von Trapp.”


Despite this being Atia’s first big role, she says she tried to face the challenge with confidence. “I was nervous before the first night, but as soon as I got on stage it was alright.


"I had to sing and dance and act, and we had lots of quick costume changes during the show. My family were very excited and came to see the performance a lot.

"I did see my family during the performance, but I tried to keep my eyes up to the back of the theatre!” As well as family in the audience, some staff from Atia’s school also attended performances.


Kathryn Carlyle-Butlin is the school business manager at Killisick Junior School, and she said, “It was amazing, and it was 100 times better than I could have imagined. I took my mum, and we were blown away by how good the show was.

"Atia really did us proud and I felt quite emotional and proud to see her perform on stage. Atia is a natural on stage and the whole production was amazing.”


Year 3 pupil, Jaiya takes school drama class with Atia and said, “I love drama because it is a place where I can express myself. I think Atia has done really well and I am proud of her.”


Tulisa age seven said she loves her drama classes, “I take drama classes with Atia, and I love to sing and dance too.” Ava age 7 said she was proud of Atia, “I do drama classes and I love the singing the best.


"I would really like to do what Atia has done but I might get a little nervous!” Atia’s mum, Kirsty Morrell says the whole family is proud of her.


“We are so proud, and we knew she could do it! She wasn’t very confident about going for it in the first place, but then she came home from her dance class one night and said she was going to try for a part.


"We stayed up that night rehearsing and then went to the auditions the next day. When it came to first night, Atia was just fine, but I have to say my tummy was in knots! I was trying to hide my nerves from her.


"Once Atia was on stage, I looked at her dad, and we both had tears in our eyes, it was so emotional, we were so proud.” Now Atia has her sights set on a glittering future.

“I would encourage my friends who like drama and dance to have a go too, it is more enjoyable than scary! I would love to be an actor when I grow up and go on stage a lot more often!”